Hi! My name is Mallory Grace. I am a small town girl with a big creative imagination and a passion for photography. With a degree in Graphic Design and 20 years as an artist, I have started my own photography gig back in May of 2010. I am loving every minute! Whether it's meeting new folks or learning something new-I have enjoyed every session. Not to mention, all the amazing clients who have become friends over the years.

I am happily married to a wonderful man name Curtis. We have two incredibly amazing kids, who are chasing their own set of dreams these days.  After having a family of my own, I now know how precious life is. Watching our kids grow & learn as they do...I have been inspired to capture all of life's beautiful, memorable moments to save forever. Those small moments are the big moments.

These aren't just photos...these are your moments, these are your stories...

A little boy with bright eyes and mysterious smile like he has a secret to share. The new couple showered with love and joy as two become one. An excited teenage daughter getting ready for her prom while her proud mother wonders where the time went. The graduate with his optimistic outlook on his new journey. A special anniversary where the couple still gazes at one another the same as 50 years ago. The pure and sweetness of tiny hands and feet & celebrating each "first" with your new bundle of joy. The little, sweet moments that are captured & treasured for years to come.

It's your story to tell...it's the little things, that mean the most.

~ Mallory Grace